Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Everyone's Job

Marketing never operates in a vacuum. Much of the customer experience is beyond marketing's direct control - the in-store experience (if applicable), treatment by support staff, etc. Even product design is often outside of marketing's realm (death to the 4Ps happened in most fields 5 years ago).

Marketing is now a collaborative event. Working with engineering on how to make the product customer friendly; working with customer service on resolution within the product line and for future products; working with management/receptionist to ensure plant tours are handled promptly and with a smile, etc. Then there is the listening.  Listening to the customer needs; listening to service staff about new ideas; listening to management on the company direction, etc.

What does that mean?

  • Easy answer? Marketing staff needs to be part of new customer initiatives. Marketing staff needs to be at the management table. 
  • Bigger picture? Integration of marketing into the company culture. (Prime organic example - Liberty Mutual).
Look at your business as one of your employees - Do your employees understand what your brand means to their job? Does your marketing team communicate out to staff? (Changes in logo, slogan, new ads - so they aren't "surprised" by customers.*)

*Think back to a time a business ran a special; you walked in and asked for the special - but no one in the store knew about it. How did you feel about the business?

Look at your business from a customer perspective - How consistent is the experience for them? Does it resonate with what you want the brand to be? Do you have the marketing staff you need in place to support your brand?

To think about...

Is your marketing department engaging your whole team?

Great article on employee engagement from noted specialist in Internal Marketing, Sybil Stershic.