Friday, November 23, 2012

The Power of Thank You

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Please think about that word for a moment "Thanks - giving". How often do you really give thanks for that difficult customer? Without whom, your services would not be needed. How often do you give thanks to that cantankerous coworker? Without whom, the details in your presentation would not be correct.

Thank you in the work place is an underused sentence. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, less than 10% of people thanked a colleague on any given day - for any help, services or support they may have provided. That is a very sad statistic.

What the article did not say is how often we thank our clients. My observation has been that we thank them just as sparingly, which is simply not acceptable. Our clients are why we are in business.

There is a lot of talk in marketing about creating "brand loyalty"  and "customer advocates" with a great deal of research being done on how best to achieve those goals. Thank you is an easy way to show appreciation and caring.

Our clients deserve to know we appreciate them in a more meaningful way than the annual company-sponsored holiday card with a mess of barely legible signatures. As a bonus, being honestly appreciative of a client is a great way to create loyalty for your company - and you. Sometimes, the most cutting-edge marketing insights boil down to common sense and courtesy.

To think about....
Have you said thank you today?
It can make all the difference. Here's another WSJ article on the power of "thank you".

Update - 9/21/14 - A FABULOUS list of ways to say thank you. I hope your recognize one of them from me soon!