Thursday, January 31, 2013

So, What Do You Do?

When asked, "What do you do?"  most of us put out a one-word, broad overview answer: "I'm in Finance," "Marketing," "I'm Customer Service."  Accurate, but inviting little further commentary. Unfortunately, the brevity of those answers does not invite connection. In the personal setting, we will simply connect on other levels - kids, shared interests, etc. In the business world, we just missed a sales opportunity.

What? You aren't a sales person?

Yes, you are. Everyone is a sales person to some degree. 

Not a single department in your company is exempt from participating in the cycle of sales which keeps your company in business. 

  • Customer Service is the front line. How they portray your company has a direct sales influence upon both add-on sales and repeat business.
  • Finance people tend to know other finance people, who often have control of budgets (aka determine what can be bought - your product or someone else's).
  • Human Resources are the advance front. They promote your company's culture and mission to potential candidates who fill the many other roles in your company.
  • Marketing heads up the internal communications which keep other departments in the loop and on target, as well as, allocating outside communication resources. 
  • Sales people, well, they sell. But are they selling on the company's strong points? Do they understand where the company wants to grow business-wise or are they focused on making this sale?

To think about...

How are you equipping your staff to field inquiries about the your product? Can they clearly articulate the benefits of your product versus the competition? Do they know in which situations your product will shine over the competition's?