Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Polite Counts

Anyone who knows me professionally has heard my favorite phrase about marketing - common sense and politeness will cover a lot of ground in marketing.

Real Life Example: Home appliance repair man. Calls to confirm appointment. Arrives on-time. Does the work in a timely fashion. Sends a thank you card with a request to "like" on Facebook and an offer of 10% off next service.

This example is a total marketing win on a micro-scale.
A - common sense activities: discount for repeat work because it is cheaper to keep a client than get a new one and finding a way (Facebook) to keep in touch with you (and your circle of influence) even when specific services are not needed. 
B - polite activities: confirming appointment, being on-time and sending a thank-you note. This all creates a memorable service experience and solidifies the brand experience.

Too often I see people trying to "fool" others and mis-naming that as marketing. It's not. It's trickery. Marketing is about branding, communication and strategy - wrapped in a nice bundle of common sense and politeness.

To think about....
Do you communicate with your customers on a regular basis?
Do you practice civility in how you treat your customers?