Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting It Right

Read about The Guy Tip Book
It's a "Shake & Bake - and I helped" moment! My friend Ethan just published a book. My help included:
- Writing the subtitle
- Writing his bio
- Suggesting the organizational structure
- "Gently" pressuring him for a year to publish it

In a lot of ways Ethan is getting it right. He has amazing self-confidence - even when faced with challenges, and he is willing to do the unconventional to make his dreams a reality. (A great blog post from Ethan on some of the challenges). Plus, he's exploring ways to leverage his brand:
- Increasing his accessibility with a blog
- Remaining active and engaged on social media outlets
- Focusing his social media outlets rather than being spread thin
- Seeking out opportunities to work with other brands and authors

He's also displaying my favorite combination of common sense and business savvy. He's handling what he can himself (because as an author, he is his own business) and hiring advice on topics that will help make his business (his writing and the marketing of that writing) more successful.

To think about...
Are you getting it right? (AKA - Do you like the results you are getting with your business?) If not maybe it's time to change perspectives (think like your customer) or to change tactics.