Friday, February 7, 2014

Professional vs Personal

I have a confession - I have multiple Twitter accounts. While not a Social Media Superstar - knowledge of and partaking in the social media landscape is part of my day job. (And it's fun.)

(Spoiler Alert as of 3/26/14 the profiles are out of date with follower counts. Looks like something is up with the link not updating. Should've visually documented with a screen shot! But the idea is the same - so on with the show!)

Plus I love visuals. So, I recently made a graphic (like any good marketer) to demonstrate the differences. And apparently I'm a geek in both versions!

To think about...
The essence of who you are comes through. Always. Be yourself when you do business and remember, you are your brand.

FYI - like it? You can make your own (and even do a celebrity comparison) by going to

2/21/14 Update - Possibly the funniest list of big brands doing Twitter out there, courtesy of HootSuite.
3/3/14 Update - Maybe based on these profiles I can get on the Simon & Schuster's list for reviews...