Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When Does Learning Stop?

The view at my home desk
The answer is never. If you want to continue to serve your clients, you must keep pace with the marketplace. And in the case of marketing, the pace keeps speeding up. In person learning options abound - conferences, seminars, webinars. As time allows (aka every day) you can increase your knowledge by reading - blogs, articles, industry magazines and, of course, books! Industry defining, game changing books. Insightful classic books. Books.

I believe reading books is vital. I'm not alone in that opinion. At a recent Social Media seminar I attended, the presenter was a business owner. Because he wants his employees to be the best in a competitive marketplace, he actually gives them a book each month - on business, on marketing, on social media - books to keep their work skills sharp. I agree! (And so does Warren Buffet.  Even young social media types agree reading is critical as this Forbes article showcases.)

As March is National Reading Month. It seemed an appropriate time to the books I splurged on in December 2013.  This is a partial listing of the books I purchased and will be reading throughout 2014.

*Mark taught the AMA's Content Marketing Seminar  in the spring of 2013 where he shared some of the book's ideas.

Keep in mind that reading for leadership and growth is a little different than pleasure reading. Re-read books that are classic or speak to you. Make notes. After you finish a book, summarize for yourself what your take-aways are. Plan out what actions you can take inspired by the book. Immerse yourself in that book!

To think about...

How are you staying sharp? What about your employees? And, most importantly, are you reading anything you'd like to share?

4/14/14 Update - It's National Library Week! And here's another view on the importance and joy of a business library from Quality Service Marketing.