Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Changes

There have been a wide variety of changes on a number of fronts in the last few months. Are you keeping up?

It often feels like information moves at the speed of light, and we are left trying to keep up. Blink. Things shift and change. New patterns. Different avenues.

Examples from my business sphere:

- The Associated Press rules have changed. No longer are states abbreviated in the body of stories. (Details.)

- July 1, 2014, Canada went live with the strictest anti-SPAM rules anyone has seen. (Here's a good overview on Canadian compliance.)

Sometimes it feels like we need a faster "car". What if we just need a better set of "maps"? The new cardinal points:

To think about...
It's been said before that what you pay attention to grows. It's true. Focus on what matters. Plan how to grow it. Develop a strategy to nurture it. Support what you've created.

Post script - October 2015 - changes keep happening. Here are some updates from the social media world.