Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yard Sale

A recent move meant decorating changes and too much stuff in too little space. As a result I've been downsizing, which meant a yard sale + a demonstration of every day marketing in action. 

Yard Sale Plan = Marketing Strategy? Yes! The same 3 factors come into play for both:
- Placement 
- Offer
- Imagination

Placement is how you get noticed. Social Media. Signage. Ads. Press. Location. You want to get noticed. 
- Yard Sale version: Put out a sales notice and post a sign at traffic-rich location. 

Offer is what you have. The goal is for that offer to be what they want. Your tools? Knowledge of the marketplace. Knowledge of the needs of the marketplace. Knowledge of the language of the marketplace.  
- Yard Sale version: People look for different things, in your placement note what you have (tools, kids, clothes, etc.)

Imagination is the key. Potential customers should be able to imagine themselves using your product or service - to easily envision how it makes their life easier, better or more efficient. If you have to elaborately explain the product/service, you've lost them.
- Yard Sale version: Stage your items, group where possible to give context so customers can see how the items might be used.

To think about...
Have you evaluated the effectiveness of your placement lately? What is your offer's place in the market? Can your customers imagine themselves using your product/service?

(And if you need help with placement, offer or imagination, let me know!)

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Behind the scenes peek: This is what it looks like at my "retail" command center - pricing materials, refreshment, entertainment, and sales tracking. The sale location also featured a friendly greeter and a trusty assistant.

Notice that as the day progressed, only one greeter was willing to go the extra mile and come outside to help? But we can discuss the importance of good "help" another time...