Saturday, September 26, 2015

Failure of Systems

Photo credit: Unsplash
January and September both feel like fresh pages - new year, new school year. This January, I decided to try a fresh, new organization system. This September, I decided to give it up. And that system failure has been the best business productivity change I've made all year!

I'm a list maker. My to-do list is always a mile long. Sticky notes help with quick reminders. I've done this for year. It didn't feel productive or like a very efficient system. So, starting in January I came up with a new system. 

"Losers have goals. Winners have systems" - Scott Adams

I refocused the giant to-do list to two big projects a month, each written into the calendar with a due date. Everything else, dealt with that day. Future big projects written in the calendar for future months. Clean. No undone items. No lost sticky notes.

That lasted 5 months. By late May I was back to an avalanche of sticky notes to supplement the new calendar-based system.

Then I discovered the Post-It app. Wow! You can snap an image of a sticky note and then... group them, write on them, check them off as done. Voila! No more lost sticky notes! While more of a crutch than a system, this app had made me more organized.

Earlier this month, I became a Todoist convert. It's an app. It's a website. It meets you where you are to get what you list as important done. (Todoist's morning e-mails of my goals for day? Best system ever for keeping on track with meeting those goals.)  After the invention of the pen, this app might be the next best thing. 

And why is this a marketing post? Because the best marketers always have systems. Consistency and strategy are key components to success in marketing.

To think about...
If you keep doing what you always have, you will have the same results. When was the last time you tried doing something different? What did you learn from the failure? (Or the success?)

PS. Check out the Resources page of this blog for more useful tools to perfect your marketing system!