Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Perspectives

Yes,  jazz hands happened
As I have for the last several January's, this past weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the American Marketing Association's Midwest Regional Leadership Retreat. This year it was hosted in Cleveland (home of Duct Tape and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

That experience was one of those life lessons about how serving is being served. I've volunteered on the local board of the American Marketing Association for over 7 years. I've done everything from being President to being Secretary to being on the Social Media Communication "team"  - and more. (This is common in volunteer organizations - you pitch in where needed.) In giving service, opportunities like this Leadership Retreat - in turn - serve me.

I'm a marketer. A good one with a curious mind and a wide array of knowledge. But each year, in that room, I'm just one voice of many and I'm not the one with the best answer every time to various marketing issues. It's a different mental space from my everyday world to be with people "like me". And it totally super-charges my creativity.

As a department of one by day and a solo-prenuer the rest of the time, I don't often get a chance to brainstorm with like-minds of different perspectives and similar marketing experiences. I don't often get to hear business experiences and current challenges from other marketers. I came back awed by the dedication of these ALL VOLUNTEER AMA boards who not just give their time weekly, but also gave up part of a winter weekend to participate in the leadership retreat. As a personal bonus, I also came back with  fresh ideas for both my clients and my day job. 

To think about...
Another view sees different angles. Many hands create light work. How can you serve and be served in return?

From top left: Shane Frost, Edgar Diaz, Amy Heline, Julie Sisco; from bottom left: Alexandria Trusov and Christine Walsh. For more on the Michiana Chapter of the AMA, head over to our website,