Friday, February 17, 2017

What You Make of It

Everything is what you make of it. Life. Work. Even marketing. And that means seeing opportunities to leverage your assets. 

Recently a marketing friend and I went to a wine-n-sign class on a snowy Sunday evening. (You drink wine at a lovely winery while creating a hand-crafted sign to take home as you munch on tasty snacks.) The painting firm - Turquoise Top Hat - is the small business brainchild of a former teacher. And she leveraged every branding  and promotional opportunity during the event:

  • The paint kit included a unique smoothing tool - her business card.
  • The back of the signs were stamped with the Turquoise Top Hat logo.  
  • Selfies and use of the custom hashtags for the event were encouraged.
  • Next event was mentioned.
  • Everyone was invited to host their own event and getting their sign for free.
The owner told her brand origin story about being a teacher and doing this on the side until she built the business up. She then cross-sold/up-sold her other (complementary) business - supplying the paint fixative for the signs for other projects and offering Cricut lessons. It's a family business and her partner is her mother who has slightly different interests. The scope of the business is their interests, but always stays on point with their vibe - hand-made, fun and intimate. 

It was a pleasure to attend this event, not just for the creation of the sign but also for a glimpse into the promotion and branding of a small business.

To think about...
What are your opportunities? Whether small or large, you have opportunities -  leveraging them is your choice.