Greetings, I'm Alexandria Trusov - brand strategist, communicator, and marketer. Purveyor of common-sense, everyday marketing.  I help people and companies find their brand story and communicate it with the world. Through this blog, I'd like to help you with your marketing efforts by offering a few marketing insights I've found to be true during my professional career.

This blog is NOT for advertising, communication, or marketing professionals. They have enough resources. (Trust me on this. They have more data coming at them than they can read.) You, however, could probably use some resources and tools that make your marketing easier. This blog is the space I've created to share marketing insights with folks who can use them to grow their business.


Because the type of marketing work I do (branding, communications, strategy, etc) is worth sharing. Because sometimes information can make your work easier, offer you an insight that will help you or provide an simple way to strengthen your business. The insights you find on this blog are culled from my professional life, my current work with clients and my discussions with savvy business friends. (With luck, some of those savvy marketing friends may be talked into doing guest posts. Stay tuned...)


My professional marketing life has been with aggressively growth-oriented companies in new positions, resulting in an ability to excel at creating new programs or expanding existing programs to the next level. My years on the  “client side” include working for an industry-leading manufacturing firm which gave me with experience leading very diverse project teams and budgetary oversightMy background includes working for one of the top global market research firms where I advised a number of category leaders on market trends and research findings.  In all of my work, the ever-changing landscape of social media and web activities have formed a virtual backdrop for all marketing communications and campaigns.

In short, I have created and lead branding, communication, and marketing campaigns in a variety of environments - from the fully supported (external agency support plus internal team) to the absolute bare-bones (sole team member). I have worked as a team member, a team leader and a self-starter. Getting results-oriented marketing projects planned and executed is what I've spent my career doing. My gift is seeing opportunities others may not and utilizing available resources, sometimes in unexpected ways, to leverage those opportunities.
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If I can help your business, please contact me. I'm happy to discuss options* with you. AlexandriaTrusov [@] gmail.com. More information on my professional life is available on LinkedIn.
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About Me: When I was little, I loved reading stories; today, I'm delighted to tell true stories for great people and great brands. Everyone has a story, even if they need some ideas and insights on how to access their story.  I'd love to help you with your story - creating or sharing it,  and strategizing about opportunities to tell your story.

Random Facts: I ask a LOT of questions. (I've even done a few digital books of questions. This one is free.) My world is ruled by tiny yellow sticky notes. I once rode the Luck Dragon from the NeverEnding Story. The act of creativity energizes me, however humble (painting furniture) or unfortunate (bad watercolor landscapes) the result might be. If you've got spare space on the front of your refrigerator, I can help with that, too! Books are a constant source of inspiration, learning, motivation, and even a refuge for me. (I'm also a fan of the Oxford comma.) "Leave it better than you found it" is my life mantra  - and yes, I still own my Girl Scout sash - complete with a badge for interpretive roller dance!   

*Services include, but are not limited to: copywriting (web copy, brochures, sales material), brand story creation, campaign and idea generation, social media assistance, agency management, interactive initiatives, market research, and event management. RIVA trained focus group moderator.

Thank you to each and every client for your trust. In 2016, your business enabled a donation of over 1,200 meals through No Kid Hungry.