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The majority of my consulting clients have been former colleagues and former clients with the occasional referral to another of their colleagues or clients. I'm honored by their trust in me and appreciate the referral business! A few of my fabulous clients have said some particularly nice things about our work together:

  • "Alexandria’s Idea Harvest package was just what I needed to accelerate the growth of my business. From the moment our session started, to well beyond the conclusion, Alexandria gave me tips, suggestions, and ideas that I could implement immediately. My business has grown well beyond where it could have gone on my own. Alexandria is a savvy business woman, people connector, and idea generator. Her Idea Harvest is a great business booster!" Marcia Braun, Braun Analytics
  • "I really appreciate working with Alexandria–she is very creative, always has a fresh angle of looking at something and can get right down to practical next steps to take to work towards a bigger goal. You can always count on her. If you need more momentum, team up with her." Steve Schmidt, Effect Web Agency
  • "I'm a success coach. I'm also a screenwriter, and author. But when it came to actually writing MY story, I needed clarity and a different perspective. Alexandria listened to my history and my future plans, then created a bio for me which fit where I am and where I'm going. Better than that, it helped me see myself and my brand in a different way." Ethan Michael Carter, Screenwriter (Marvel)

The Client Story....

Since I began this consulting practice, I've worked directly with: lottery officials, manufacturing firms,  a franchised retail establishment, mid-sized regional retailer, multiple non-profits, a market research firm, a communications firm, life coaches, an engineering firm, and a web agency as well as a few others. 

Since I began in the business world, I have also been directly employed by: a specialized ERP software firm, a major RV manufacturer,  a boutique marketing consulting firm, a global leader in the manufacture of firefighting equipment, a top-20 global market research firm, and a few miscellaneous others in my youth.

In my corporate research and services career, clients have included: a high-end cabinet maker; a graphical design firm; a global leader in appliance manufacturing and sales; a series of lottery and gaming clients; a host of utility companies; an international entertainment firm; a major technology firm; a leading US housing builder; a regional telecommunication provider plus scores of others.

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Why does that matter? Well, that's a lot of time in the real world marketing trenches - the majority of it in B2B settings, creating new strategies and processes with limited resources; seeing opportunities others miss; and telling stories to the right audiences. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you!