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Hi. I'm Alexandria. I help people and businesses find their story  - then communicate it with the world. (My birthday happens to be National Tell A Story Day. Really.)

How? As former focus group moderator, I'm a trained listener. And I get geeky-happy investigating facts and figures. It's a good combo for a marketer in the age of storytelling.

Then what? I've been described as professional detail freak with a well-honed knack for getting marketing "stuff" planned and done. (Ex-boss. I took at as a compliment. And when another boss called me a common-sense creative, I snagged that for my compliment bouquet, too.) 

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How? Everyone brings a different talent to the party - mine is seeing opportunities others may not and utilizing available resources, sometimes in unexpected ways, to leverage those opportunities. I serve as a marketing change catalyst. That's what I do. And I'm open to help you make marketing changes.

If you are ready make changes -  you'd like to explore executing on opportunities and ideas + a kick-start - there are several service packages  for working with me for you to consider.

These service packages are just a few options for my assistance with marketing challenges, ideas, or needs. Custom marketing planning packages are also available. Just ask!

Idea Harvest - $500

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Looking for high impact, great value, and low commitment? This is your plan!

Plant the seeds - Prior to the harvest session, you'll be sent a brief questionnaire to enhance my understanding of your company and challenges.  

Harvest - During the two (2) hour session (by phone or Skype or, location dependent, in-person) we'll review your current challenges and options. We'll review for opportunities and options. We'll create next steps. Basically, you get the benefit of all of my business and marketing knowledge plus my unique ability to see opportunities. We will harvest my lifetime of knowledge so you walk away with actionable, common-sense ideas you can use to help grow your business.

Preserve - After the harvest, I'll follow up with an e-mail gleaned from our discussion. It will include an outline of our discussion, highlights on steps for you to take, and any additional resources I feel will help you.

If you need help getting unstuck on a business challenge, if you need an infusion of insight and ideas, if you want an action plan for accountability - this is your package.

Two harvest available per month. Contact me about late December and January 2018 openings!

Spark It Session - $900

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Want to spark something fresh? Or even get that spark back, but from a fresh angle? Looking to set fire to some ideas in a 1-on-1 setting? This is the session for you! 

You get my undivided attention and skills for four (4) hours. We'll spend a Saturday morning or afternoon together working on anything you want to get some marketing traction on. You will be an active participant in the process of shaping your marketing - with my guidance and expertise to help you along with best practices. We can work on a social media plan, polish up your LinkedIn profile, write targeted web copy, make your sales pitch sparkle - you name it, we can work on this during this session! 

If you are a solo-preneur and miss the back and forth of ideas, if you have ideas but need a different spin on them, if you want to learn how to "think like a marketer" - this is the package for you.

In December, two sessions are available to help kick-start your 2018! One session is available per month for 2018. (This service is location dependent - Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan only.)

Brand Portrait  - $2000

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Is your marketing making an impact? Are you wondering how to reach more customers or expand your current customer base? Then this is the package for you!

I'll review your company's industry presence, website, and social media to help you overcome message inconsistency or focus challenges muddying up your brand while uncovering opportunities. I'll also provide a full report with recommendations for improving your brand presence in your marketplace. 

If your brand isn't growing, if you feel like you are losing ground, if you want a fresh perspective on new opportunities - this is the package for you.

One session is available per month.

Client Coffee Catch-Up - $200

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Want to catch up on your marketing strategy? Then let's catch up over coffee! This session can be a fresh infusion of ideas, a re-spin in the right direction, a sounding board for a business issue  - whatever you need.

Once a client, forever a client is my motto. If we've worked together on your business, follow up is available at a special rate. 

Limited space - I will make time for you, but the early bird catches the worm! Please try to schedule early in the month. (We can be in person, via e-mail or do a virtual catch up session - whatever works). Please note, this offer is exclusive  to those clients who have completed a Spark It Session or the (now retired) Chart Your Course with TruInsights Consulting, LLC.

Whether you have short-term projects or long-term goals, I look forward to helping you make an impact with your story.