Short Term Sexy

Confession - every time a non-marketing person tells me they have started "digital marketing" I cringe a little bit. (Okay, a LOT.)  Because digital is fun. Digital is shiny. Digital is sexy. Digital can be like building your house on a beach - looks pretty, but the...

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Marketing Can’t Fix Process Issues

Are processes in the way of closing sales? Marketing can’t fix that. Leads are coming in. But if they aren’t converting to sales, it may not be a Marketing department issue - although it is almost certainly a communication issue. I have a friend who helps doctors and...

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Consistency Is The Secret Sauce

Can I tell you a marketing secret? In these uncertain times, there has never been a time when consistency mattered more. Consistency build trust; without trust - know and like don't matter. Consistency tells people you care - about them and about your word....

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