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Can I tell you a marketing secret?

In these uncertain times, there has never been a time when consistency mattered more. Consistency build trust; without trust – know and like don’t matter. Consistency tells people you care – about them and about your word. Consistency tells people you – and your brand – are trustworthy. Consistency – of tone and timing – matters.

C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y. 11 letters that are the secret to all marketing and communications.

Let’s put that in practical terms:
– Got a newsletter? Put it out at the same time every week or month*.
– On social media? Then actually be on it. Commit to your channel. Post regularly and interact*.
– Writing articles? Make sure the tone is matches your brand values.
– Putting out press releases often? Put them in a schedule.
– Have staff? Make sure they all understand the culture and communicate it in every customer interaction.
*Pre-scheduling it your lifesaver for that. There are tools to help, free and paid. Use them. And the cheapest tool is a calendar. You probably have one on your phone. Set a few reminders. Use Excel to create a schedule spreadsheet.

Keep showing up. Show up when you say you will. Be where you say you will. And be who you (your brand) is, always. Prove you are trustworthy because that is the first buy signal in a prospect’s brain.

Hope you found this helpful and worth your time. I appreciate you reading it.

Chat soon. Be well.

PS – On my bookshelf – over from the “to be read” pile – is Talk Triggers. Just finished it last week. It’s fantastic. (There’s also a podcast if you aren’t a reader.) Of the 4 criteria for a Talk Trigger, number 4 is “be repeatable”. What’s a synonym for repeatable? Consistent. (They had 4 “R”s going, so they went with: repeatable, relevant, remarkable, and reasonable.)

PSS – Need help getting consistent? That’s one of my superpowers. Let’s talk about setting up a planning session on your consistency !